Ken Burns' and Lynn Novick … Gabriel H. Sanchez BuzzFeed News Photo Essay Editor. The black and white photo of this event by Dutch photojournalist Hugh Van Es became an iconic image of the war, symbolizing a desperate U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam. The following is a look back at some of the most iconic images from AP photographers taken during the Vietnam War. It was one of the most iconic photos of the Vietnam War. Posted on April 25, 2018, at 3:22 p.m. Iconic photos of the Vietnam War. Black Power Salute Here are 20 of the most iconic photographs ever taken – each one a true example of the old adage, ‘a picture can speak a thousand words’. SHARE. SHARE. Details that didn't make the papers paint a different story. Bloody Saturday by HS Wong (1937). During the Vietnam War, Eddie Adams photographed Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, a South Vietnamese police chief, killing Viet Cong suspect Nguyen Van Lem on a … AP Photo/Eddie Adams, File. The photograph of a South Vietnamese general executing a young Viet Cong fighter during the Tet Offensive shocked the world. She was the first person to take photos of North Vietnamese Army Regulars behind their lines. American GI Moving Towards Omaha Beach by Robert Capa. TWEET. Share. LeRoy’s photos of her captivity later made the cover of Life, ‘A Remarkable Day in Hue: the Enemy Lets Me Take His Picture‘. The Vietnam War marked a turning point in United States history. 20 Harrowing Pictures From The Front Lines Of Vietnam. SHARE. In 1972, Leroy shot and directed Operation Last Patrol, a film about Ron Kovic and the anti-war Vietnam veterans. EMAIL 'America is on trial': Rallies, vigils held in Minneapolis ahead of Derek Chauvin trial. The Story Behind Eddie Adams’ Iconic “Saigon Execution” Photo. By Gabriel H. Sanchez. As the conflict in Southeast Asia escalated, tensions within the US followed suit. From 1962 until his death in 1971, Larry Burrows captured some of the most powerful and brutally honest scenes from the Vietnam War. 1. Here are some other iconic war photos to check out: The Falling Soldier by Robert Capa. Vietnam War in 40 iconic pictures 3/29/2018. For the first time, images and stories of a war being fought on the other side of the world became accessible to the public nearly instantly. It … Updated 1928 GMT (0328 HKT) January 5, 2016. This iconic photograph by Marc Riboud captures a young woman offering a flower to the guards at the Pentagon during a protest against the Vietnam War. For much of the world, the visual history of the Vietnam War has been defined by a handful of iconic photographs: Eddie Adams’ image of a … The hippie, pacifist, and civil rights movements all intersected.