In July 2006, Cameron also committed to forming a new parliamentary grouping after the 2009 European elections, one dedicated to free markets and a model of European … § The proportion of respondents interested in the 2009 European elections increases in line with levels of education. European elections in NI, 2009. The whole of Northern Ireland forms a three-member constituency, and elections take place every five years by proportional representation (using the Single Transferable Vote) as for local councils and most regional-level elections. Earlier work by Bowler and Farrell (2011) and De Vreese (2009) pioneered the use of political elite studies to understand EP campaign dynamics. [1] Less than 43 … Elections 2009 . Podcast. The parliamentary elections in Bulgaria (held on July 7th 2009) have reduced the list of possible candidates to just two. Northern Ireland and the European Parliament. 5.5. The seventh elections to the European Parliament since the chamber became a democratic elected institution in 1979 are just days away. From 4-7 June, around 375 million eligible voters out of a population of just under 500 million will be able to cast their ballot, making these the largest transnational elections in the world. January 2010. The data we use are drawn from the European Election Candidate Study (EECS) 2009, which represents a hugely promising source of insight for students of EU-level politics. Interest in the European elections § Men seem more likely than women to be interested in these electi ons. Labour had its worst results since 1918 in Scotland and Wales. The Members of the European Parliament are directly elected by voters in all Member States to represent people’s interests with regard to EU law-making and to make … The European Parliament is an important forum for political debate and decision-making at the EU level. This document does not represent the European Parliament’s point of view. Members of the European Parliament have been directly elected since 1979. Jun 2009, 09:23. Published: 3:25 AM . The European Election Studies (EES) are about electoral participation and voting behaviour in European Parliament elections, but more than that. This weekend's EU-wide elections for the 736-seat European Parliament generated the lowest turnout in the legislative body's 30-year electoral history. As I have already written, the speculations about the figure of the Bulgarian representative of the 2009-2014 European Commission have been going for quite some time now. The 2009 Elections to the European Parliament Country Reports Edited by Wojciech Gagatek Foreword by Yves Mény European University Institute Florence, Italy The 2009 European elections Fieldwork: March – May 2008 Publication: September 2008 Special Eurobarometer 299/ Wave 69.2 – TNS opinion & social This survey was requested by the European Parliament. ... Michael White on Gordon Brown's leadership difficulties after Labour's disastrous European election results. • The Labour share of the vote down 6% on the equivalent European elections five years ago.