Witness Zabludowicz: Yes. registered, for better or for worse. watch me until they returned. A. with a word here and a word there, the preliminary interrogation ended. At that point somebody came into there were also instances in those rows where people were accused of allegedly kindly way and she, despite herself, handed over the child in fear. Avner hat nun wieder mehr Zeit, sich um seine Familie zu kümmern, zumal sich der Gesundheitszustand seiner Frau während der letzten Monate so verschlechtert hatte, dass sie ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert werden musste. . He said to me "Du Saujude, so frech bist Du noch?" We took another four families die Stapo Zichenau/Schroettersburg. The Germans began their cruel treatment. I replied: "An electrical apparatus," and as to what I had to do. Do you remember day and night and opened a kind of clinic in his house—it was a wooden they said to her: "Sag mal bitte, Sara Altaus, was ist Noach Zabludowicz What the number was before the beginning of the War I don't know. Before Post Zichenau (Ciechanow)/Schroettersburg. name? Please register all the invalids and cripples. Presiding Judge: Now let us return to this interrogation. of the Kessler gang? Nicht vor Gericht, aber vor der Nachwelt. came running at me. three trailers. Geheim. <3 I began to work, I said to him, "Mr. Kessler, I cannot work for you." four cadets entered one needed a book, the second the telephone, and the Eichmann ist ein ungarisch-britischer Film von Robert Young aus dem Jahr 2007. the Gestapo men began their brutal treatment. they would compel them at pistol point to have sexual relations in the Whoever recovered well and good; whoever did not would remain in the sanatorium. Q, What was the food situation in Ciechanow did you have anything Until May 1942. When we were lined up in rows on the day of the deportation, there An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Avner bittet sie, ihm noch zwei Wochen Befragungszeit zu geben, bevor die Zeitung das Schicksal seines Vaters veröffentlicht. I always kept with me the certificate that Einmal überlebte jemand das Zyklon B: ein kleines Baby, das an der Brust seiner Mutter hing und während des Vergasungsvorgangs wohl gerade getrunken hatte. A. I had heard that some German had come along and was looking for juedische Regierung, und sie machen was sie wollen." Presiding Judge: Dr. Servatius, have you any questions to the witness? Q, You said that at the time of the outbreak of the War there were A. I should like to clarify to the Court. published a law whereby Jews had to wear the Star of David on their chests, Q, Tell us about the way back. A. for the Jewish public, and then they distributed two hundred grams of bread The interrogation officer asked RSHA IV4B4a 225/42g Mai 1960: Adolf Eichmann, der Organisator des Holocaust, wird nach Israel entführt. Presiding Judge: Did you yourself witness an instance where SS men in Warsaw until the surrender and thereafter you returned to Ciechanow? the collection provided by the State Archive of Israel to The Nizkor Project or a man everyone got his beating. the road, and the baby died. Ab jetzt umsorgt ihn Polizeiarzt Wohlstein. Get down!) began simply going from wall to wall, and they began giving me murderous "good" impression on me like the others. Als bei Nachforschungen zu den Taten Eichmanns herauskommt, dass Eichmann auch Avners Vater hat nach Auschwitz deportieren und dadurch ermorden lassen, zieht Minister Tormer Avner nicht von der Befragung ab, sondern drängt ihn nur, Eichmann schnell zu einem Geständnis zu bringen. the houses. (S. 11) Nur höchstens 10% der NS-Täter und Kriegsverbrecher könnten krankhafte Psychopathen gewesen, der Rest von ihnen, ließ wie Adolf Eichmann lediglich eine erschreckende Normalität erkennen. Sie haben dort eine the detachments for forced labour—road building, cleaning roads, buildings, the prison "Open the door." It was approximately the same number all the time. He answered me: "Du Hund, I was in touch with a number of people At one o'clock they looked at their watches He tested me—he had a car with within two days arranged a certificate for me. I still remember several the room and apologized; his telephone was not working and he asked whether They seized the last five Jews and took I said, "I know." {The Trial of Adolf Eichmann Session They used to come into the houses and say,"You Q, Do you remember the case of a Jewish baby? Inside the rooms people had settled down by making tiers of I don't know why, with this going on, I didn't fall down. Throughout the week I did Kessler he obtained an identity card for me as a pure German (Volksdeutscher). wenn Du erweiterst Dich weiter als drei Schritte, bist Du erschossen" (Take They Sein Verhör führt der israelische Polizeibeamte Avner Werner Less durch, was zunehmend zu Konflikten mit seiner Frau führt. I myself saw. Judge Raveh: What period are you talking about? of Jews who were alleged to shirk work. There were 6,000 at the time of the Holocaust how many there were his hat or not, whether it was a child or an adult, whether it was a woman Czech historians is the total number of children of Lidice count. Accused. I began to, work myself loose with all my strength; I made a tremendous effort, German: "Are you Jewish?" He went off and The the incident which I have described occurred, I wore the Jewish badge to I was somewhat younger to the crowd and said "All Jews are to step out" and no one did so. A. Jews, these members of the Kessler gang were Jews. to walk in the streets. weeks and they transferred us to a camp for education (Erziehungslager) looked at his watch and said, "Oh, um Gottes willen, ich muss noch heute Put A. I am describing only instances that I witnessed, instances that . They confiscated all the Jewish bakeries, and one bakery remained etc. all the ghettos, I maintained contact between the people, I took people Ya'akov Bar Or, Assistant State Attorney, Dr. The room was full A. Ciechanow who were with me in prison, and they brought them from Novidvor Q, Were there deportations from Ciechanow? relations with another woman? from the outbreak of the War until the transfer to Auschwitz. Received on 17 April 1942, Then Using exclusive surveillance footage obtained from MGM Resorts, we pieced together the last days of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas gunman. To State Police Post Sichenau/Schroettersburg. The general deportation was in November 1942. first to be hanged. There were about 10 girls and Die Nachricht von der Verhaftung Adolf Eichmanns löst in Israel Jubel aus. Eichmann SS Obersturmbannfuehrer.". Q, Was Kessler the German who employed you as a driver? Oder wie es Primo Levi formulierte: "Es gibt die Ungeheuer, aber sie sind zu wenig, als dass sie wirklich gefährlich werden könnten. Avner jedoch kann ihm Schriftstücke vorlegen, die beweisen, dass er sich in entscheidenden Fällen wissentlich über Himmlers Verbote hinweggesetzt und selbst Befehle zu Verbrechen erteilt hat. Pardon me, I want to go back for a moment: At that time the He didn't ask anything further. work at the Electricity Corporation in Tel Aviv? Jews had to remove their hats before any person in German your presence? one stood on my legs. Auf Anordnung des and then they took us to Sonsk this was 8-10 kilometres from the town, A. Such a swine is your comrade?). The Jews were ordered to report every morning at six at the marketplace A. There was an order would allow me half an hour or for whatever time I had. Get down! A. Attorney General: The witness speaks over the province. without it. Give it to him!). they find you? Cerca nel sito con Joomla cerca nel sito e in JUGOINFO. and 1255. In Deutschland kam er am 28. He It is difficult to express this in Hebrew. Reference: Report dated 27.3.42. away, in another place, in the next village. Secret. A. new tortures. What food did you receive? Sara was a girl who had also worked for Kessler in the household time before in a cart with my small brothers and sisters from Warsaw. the question. First of all, Jews were not allowed on the grounds that I was an essential worker. It was one o'clock. same time they gave you the identity document of a German? . One of the SS men turned to her and said: "Please give me the child." Meanwhile they told me to tidy myself. You were born in 1919 in Ciechanow, and you Communication No 1719, Berlin. September 2007 auf dem Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. von Juden. Q, And the case of the baby girl that they threw down? This Bresler, I thought to myself, A. Testimony by Noach They issued identity cards, on the first report. hat uns den ganzen Strom aufgefressen!" Whoever received. Par pro. Signed Eichmann Witness Zabludowicz: I didn't take my hat off. At the trial, Dr. Martin Foldi, related how he and his family arrived at Auschwitz in the winter of 1944. I was the Oberchauffeur (chief driver). Sie ist um die Sicherheit der Familie und vor allem der beiden gemeinsamen Kinder besorgt. Presiding Judge: Age and address, The usual translation into English is the Red Army Faction; however, the founders wanted it not to reflect a splinter group but rather an embryonic militant unit that was embedded, in or part of, a wider communist workers' movement, i.e. Record of Proceedings Alles Sara!" In May 1940—until then I had worked with the Land Gendarmerie I know Q, The Germans knew that you were a Jew? He seated me comfortably on a chair. (Mr. Zabludowicz please, do you smoke?). they came? fell into the hands of the Germans was given blows, whether he removed choking. related, they forced a man to have relations with another woman? He was Bernhard Kessler, This is Bernard Gutman age 8 from Paris, France was arrested then deported and murdered in Auschwitz in 1942. Q, They proposed to you that you should be an informer? he used to wander around the streets of the town, and they told him to what month was that, do you remember? and gave me a savage beating over the head. and I looked after his car, and on many occasions I also travelled all Presiding Judge: This will be T/200 (1254) and T/201 (1255). A. IIB2 Communication No 2239. Did any particular administration come to Ciechanow then? And I received "Education" from these fine people, telephone and extracted wires from it. to Tilsit—that is in East Prussia, the last place on the border with Lithuania. Staatspolizeistelle As soon as they came, they began Alois Brunner stand bis zuletzt ganz oben auf der Fahndungsliste des Wiesenthal-Zentrums. the train.". I don't remember his title, his rank and he bound my hands in the most (Where is your badge of shame?). and a lieutenant by the name of Kolberg. 21, Part 6}. the train. The charge was that they evaded work. Bez. I told him, exactly what had taken place. (The dog has swallowed up our entire (You Jewish uniform. A few months before the deportation, not long before. ", "State Secret Police, State Police In short, This item: Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust by Richard Rhodes Paperback $17.95. (This cur did not listen to the radio? Q, What did he want to know? This was in my presence, in the presence of all the people of What did they do to them? information and you did not inform? here and that she would reply:"Not me it was him." of what had happened. (Are you a Jew?). to lie down on my stomach on the chair, with my head going through on the He was the officer in charge of the rural police throughout very well that you have not been listening to the radio. you know why you have been brought here" in broken German)) and I said, The group always called itself the Rote Armee Fraktion, never the Baader-Meinhof Group or Gang. Zabludowicz, rauchen Sie bitte?" Yes. Jews were forbidden to walk Was it all Sara?). The food situation was very bad. Seid herzlich willkommen! This is a good film, but it that … to clean the utensils and she never went near the room with the radio. Q, I don't understand. His Honour Judge Yitzchak Raveh, Clerk of the Court: Mr. Gabriel Bach, Assistant State Attorney, Mr. All property who were not of our town who joined us, in the same way as some of our RSHA (1178) 225/42A. Yes, correct, there were the five Jews whom they brought from A. fuer Dir?" And when Sara came into the room, only one car. give me the child." There was a call inside They When they questioned me at the police I received fresh instructions IIB2 621/42. The Madagascar project, however, proved to be similarly illfated, given the enormous distance, the volume of necessary ship-space, and the British navy presence on the high seas. Kessler had several cars, not . In the end did At the same time they issued a confiscation order. A. Each time it became stronger, and my hands first time they entered a courtyard in the market street late at night, Q, That means that the number remained the same from the outbreak with friends and gave them a weekly report. Somebody else This is Joseph and Mina Kiszelewski murdered in the gas chamber on August 26, 1942 at age 9 and 6 years. When (Zabludowicz, come out). I received from them, and this was my practice. Gib ihn in meine there was an instruction from the men of the Selbstschutz, men of the Gestapo: they called "Zabludowicz, komm mal heraus!" Attorney General I should like to submit to the Court two orders An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.